Ohh Fashion Agency was established since early 2006. We are one of the world’s biggest modeling and event management companies who specialize in organizing and supplying professional models as well as planning and managing events.


We are a Japanese company that is planning to expand our business internationally and are preparing to penetrate into the European market in the near future.


We already have a branch overseas in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and have been acknowledged for our high level of performance as a modeling agency and event coordinator.


Our mission is to provide you with professional models as well as the best services to satisfy your requirements.
We specialize in supplying the following:

– Models

– Hostesses

– Ushers / Usherettes

– Product Samples

– Event Promoters

– Makeup Artists / Hair Stylists

– Booth Assistants

– Various Entertainment/ Singers / Dancers

– Emcees / DJs

– Event Management

– Pageant Shows / Competitions

Are you the star of the future? Singer, dancer, presenter, compere, impersonator or…


We will train you together with the finest professionals of the entertainment industry who represent TV, radio, advertising, record companies, the fashion industry, the music industry etc.


We will open the door for you to the world of entertainment at the TALENT OF THE YEAR event, where you have the chance to meet the right people in the industry.


Talent school is the only training school in Japan and UAE which besides training also gives you an opportunity to meet the employers in the business and introduces you to agents etc.


Talent school training gives you the basic knowledge and skills to become a professional in the entertainment industry.

– You will learn basic acting skills, your performance and confidence will increase.

– On exercise and dance classes you will learn various different forms of dance.

– Professional stylists will create a new style for you to fit your personality. That includes clothing as well as make-up and hairstyle.

– Singing pedagogue will teach you the basics of singing and different techniques to work on your voice.

– You will get practice working with a band of musicians.

– You will strengthen your skills at test shoots and castings.

– You will receive up to date information on record deals, today’s commercial obligations and how to proceed on your career.

– You will learn to perform naturally in front of the camera as well as on stage.

– You will get the courage to perform for even large audiences.

– On speech and phonetics classes you will learn the right articulation, voice maintenance and technique.

– Studio classes will give you the first touch of working in a studio and recording.

You will also get our references, demo and introduction tapes and a possibility to take part in the industry’s biggest casting.

Register to take part in the TALENT contest!

All students who have taken part in our training courses may participate.

Ohh Fashion Agency is a modern high-class company on international standards. Our training courses are the widest and highly spoken of. Behind the quality stands a group of clothing and fashion industry’s multitalents as well as entertainment, marketing and media professionals, which of many carry experience of even tens of years.


We offer the following training courses annually:

TOP MODELS Professional models for print and runway




will give you good basic knowledge and skills for becoming a print and runway model
will increase your assurance in stage performance
will boost your confidence and expressiveness in photoshoots
will help you find your own style (clothing, make-up, hair)
will teach you international manners
will tell you what body language means as a part of communication
will give you advice on healthy diet and exercising which helps you maintain vitality and great shape of body
you will also have your first studio shoot with a photographer and get a CD containing the photos for yourself to keep
After your training course your photos will appear on our website (with your approval) and you will be part of our marketing.


FASHION & SHOW PRODUCTION is our own production company. We produce events, fashion shows, show tours, fairs etc. where we naturally use our own Ohh Fashion Agency’s models. Our clients you will find under ‘REFERENT’.
Important part of our operation is also international marketing. As a Ohh Fashion Agency model you can benefit from our experience and contacts to leading agencies and agents around the world. Our models have worked in several different countries and international agencies

We are searching for new faces/models of all age categories:


Professional print and runway models
Commercial, XL, women 30+ and senior models


as well as new employees for:

Make-Up and Hairdressing
Get in contact with us by email, with information of your skills and let us evaluate your possibilities in the industry.


If you think you have what it takes for the fashion industry, love to perform, love to be in front of the camera, want to be a high-class professional or are just looking for confidence in finding your own style, do not hesitate to contact us! Our excellent trainers will train you into a professional and give you the keys even to international stardom.


To get started, do one of the following:


Send us your details with a photo attached by email: isso@ohhfashion.com
For further information on our training courses contact our office. Also keep an eye on our website where we also inform about courses, upcoming events, castings, fashion shows etc.


Get in touch with us, we will help you get forward!